Welcome to Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat


Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat is owned and run by your hosts Dean and Kirsten together with their three children Jaryd (12) Sophie (10) and Chloe (8).

Once just a farm house with a few paddocks and some sheds, it has now been transformed into a place that provides visitors the opportunity stay to see some of Australia's amazing wildlife.

Started in 1999, we have kept and bred many amazing species and have had many great achievemets. We are one of the only places in the World to have bred both the Southern and Northern varieties of Koalas. We have also bred second generation Common Wombats. Something that most major zoos in Australia haven't done. We have had Tasmanian Devils, three species of quolls, bandicoots, various birds, reptiles and snakes. All the funds for this has come out of our own pockets. We get no government funding and do not rely on putting our hands out for donations.

Places where cows and sheep used to roam now contain Kangaroos and Wombats.  Other creatures which had long since disappeared now live in the garden.

We decided to provide accommodation so that other people could stay and experience the amazing nocturnal animals of Australia.  By staying the night, people can take time and truly appreciate these remarkable creatures.  It is through people staying, that we have been able to continue share our experience with Australia's great and unique wildlife. 

We are currently reducing our numbers of species due to time constraints as the facility is wholely run by ourselves and we both work off site to ensure that our animals always have the best possible care.

We still have the favourites like Koalas.

Buy staying with us, you help us care for the animals and help provide them with a home.

The kids with the Koalas

Jaryd, Sophie and Chloe in 2009 making friends with the Koalas

Kirsten and Dean on their wedding day.

Kirsten and Dean on their wedding day, sharing the day with some special friends