Welcome to Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat


Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat is ideally situated amongst the Great Ocean Road great attractions. If it wasn't so great they would have just called it the Ocean Road. The region along the Great Ocean Road we live in is the Otways and there is so much too see and do. Explore the 12 Apostles, zip through the trees at the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, climb the Cape Otway Lighthouse or take a journey and explore our wonderful walks, beaches and waterfalls. All attractions are under 45 minutes away from us. What direction will you head?

The Twelve Apostles. The icon of the Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Roads ionic attraction. Situated only 45 minutes away. Catch the amazing sunsets or be an early riser and experience this great feat of nature in the morning as the sun rises and shows its true beauty. Keep an eye out for the Fairy Penguins at the base of the cliffs. Other places of interest are Gibson's Steps, Loch Ard Gorge and the Bay of Mata's. You may even see a whale or two. Cost: Free 45 minutes away. Turn right out of our carpark

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures Cantilever

The Otway Fly Treetop Adventures is only 15 minutes away. Take a walk on the treetop walk and see the Worlds tallest flowering plant, or zip through the trees on the zip line (online bookings are required for the zipline). Cost Walk: $25.00 Adult, $15.00 Child (4-15), Family $70.00 2A+2C, Seniors $21.50 Seniors card required. Zipline Prices See www.otwayfly.com . 15 minutes away. Turn left out of our carpark.

Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls is one of the ares major waterfalls. Excellent walking trails and a constant stream of water, make this waterfall one of the most popular. Others of interest are Beauchamp Falls and Hopetoun Falls, which are not to far away. Stop and see the majestic stand of Californian Redwoods after Hopetoun Falls. A magical place, so special we were married there. Cost: Free 15-25 minutes away. Turn left out of our carpark.

Cape Otway Lighthouse, the oldest on mainland Australia

The oldest lighthouse on the Australian mainland, built in 1848.  The Cape Otway Lighthouse is perched above the Southern Ocean on the high cliffs.  A savior to many ships the lighthouse is now decommissioned.  Visitors can still walk up the tower.  An admission fee applies.  Located at the end of the Cape Otway Road.  Koalas can be spotted on the way. The lighthouse cannot be viewed from the carpark. 


The Cape Otway Lighthouse was a beacon for the ships that traveled along the dangerous coast line. Cost: $19.50 Adult, $17.00 Concession, $7.50 Child (School), $49.50 Family (2A+4C), Preschool Children Free. 15-25 minutes away. Turn right out of our carpark.


The Great Ocean Road

The start of the Great Ocean Road. Located at Torquay and traveling along the south west Victorian coast and finishing at Allansford. Built to honor the returned service men and woman. Cost: Free. A great drive to get here. 2 hrs away. Turn right out of our carpark.

Beauchamp Falls, a popular waterfall of the Otways

Beauchamp Falls is a majestic waterfall located just past Beech Forest. It has good access and would be a medium to hard walk. Cost: Free. 20 minutes away. Turn left out of our carpark.

Hopetoun Falls. It can be viewed from the carpark or ground level.

Hopetoun Falls is another beautiful waterfall of the Otways. Located past Beauchamp Falls, this waterfall can be viewed from the car parking area or after a short stroll it can be viewed from the ground. Cost: Free. 20 minutes away. Turn left out of our carpark.

The Great Ocean Walk one of the greatest walks in the World

The Great Ocean Walk is a walk along the coast from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles. Several on and off points make it very accessible. Enjoy some spectacular views. Watch out for Tiger Snakes rated as #4 of the Worlds most deadliest terrestrial snakes. Kangaroos, Koalas, Echidnas and Swamp Wallabies can be seen in your travels. Cost: Free. Start is located 45 minutes away. Turn right out of our carpark.

Johanna Beach, a great beach for a romantic walk, fishing or surfing.

Johanna Beach is a wonderful beach for a romantic stroll or to have a surf. Throw in a line and catch some of the great selection of fish that cruise along the waters edge. It is not a safe beach for swimming. It is well worth a visit. Whales can be seen on rare occasions. Cost: Free. 15 minutes away. Turn right out of our carpark.

Aire Valley crossing. a great place to camp or go fishing or boating.

The Aire Valley crossing spans the Aire River and allows access to fishing on both sides of the river. Drop a line in and catch yourself some fresh dinner (Fishing Licences are required). It is also ideal to do some boating or just a great place to visit. Cost: Free. 20-45 minutes away. Some access is closed at certain times of the year. Turn right out of our carpark.