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Koala and Joey kissing
Fauna Australia is the only place along the Great Ocean Road where you can legally meet and pat Koalas. Our Koalas are always keen to meet people as they have been bred in captivity and the experiences they have with our guests are always positive. We provide an informative educational talk during the Koala Experience. We are one of the only places in the World to house both the Northern and Southern varieties of Koalas and we have bred both species. Learn about the environmental damage that has occured with the Koala population at Cape Otway and find out why the Victorian Governement is killing so many there.
The Koala Experience is available to all staying guests. Please make a mutually convenient time. The Koala experience lasts around 45min -1 hour and you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like. This is provided free to all guests. Meeting Koalas at Wildlife Parks and Zoos throughout Australia can cost upto $30 per person with the additional entry fee.
Koala and Joey relaxing

Guest meeting the Koalas in the Koala Experience

Guests enjoying the Koala Experience.

Guests pattingthe Koalas

Another family enjoying meeting the Koalas.

Enjoy feeding the kangaroos, wallabies and wombats. Pat a koala or visit the famous glowworms at Melba Gully at night.

Relax in our comfortable accommodation and make some new Aussie friends.